2Way Radios in Charger

2 Way Radio Sales and Hire


From the smallest playground to larger campuses – A CommTrack digital radio system can be scaled to your needs.  Single or multiple building, even multiple sites can be connected for safety and security.

Man with machine

industry and Utilities

Utility providers, production areas and warehouses stay connected with radio communications.  Simple systems to connect the shop-floor to mutli-channel ATEX systems for explosive environments where safety is critical.

Construction Men with Radios


Large construction sites need communications to coordinate personnel and traffic as well as enhancing on-site safety.  Multiple sites can be connected to each other or to the main office many miles away.


Warehouse and Distribution

Voice communication and data transfer to automated equipment keeps productivity to a maximum.

Lady in lobby

In-building Systems

Hospitality, airports, multi-floor buildings and underground areas.  Seamless coverage with distributed antennae and radiating cable.


Covert and overt systems for all environments.  Keep security personnel connected with clear audio and video sharing.

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